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Athmosphere concepts and reference images

Natural and cultural consumerism

Project Tools: Advertising / Ground markins / Shopping / Sharp design / Neon’s lights / Signaletic
To “have cultural food”; A self-service ; service station ; And even easy Advertising ; Billboards ; Red post box ; Yellow taxi ; Employee’s uniforms ; Nametags ; Las Vegas ; Big Mac ; Fat kid ; Shiny and glossy ; Bright lights ; Essential roles of colours ; signs from motorway ; Here is this idea again of profane attitude ; It is especially the placing it in parallel of something serious that is generator(As in Marx brothers with boring characters)


Pushing the limits, accessing the inaccessible

Project Tools: Events / Bridges / Belvedere / Race course / Sport
It’s a bit like the return to childhood that is possible at any time ; Its not always allowed and anyway not anyone would do it, but the possibility to cross the limit is physically possible ; The possibility to dive into the river, to climb the tree ; To play the fool
The forest freedom space ; It’s the space of the misfits, rough and ready ; It is to insist on the impression to be right in margin of an activity but with calm, by knowing that we can go there when we want. The impression to be completely accepted, like at an evening in a friends home, when we hear the sound of the clinking of glasses and the rattling of cutlery of the party but we decide to wait before going there ; Squat-like atmosphere ; Beer on the roofs of cars


Technological assistance

Project Tools: Electrical network / Cranes / Industrial structures / Plug-Ins / Trucks
Technological assistance in wild environment or the depravity of a sacred space ; We may find it difficult to feel fulfilled or not wishing to be lost in a wild landscape, however the friction between a common and portable technology, represented and assisting, with a pure and virginal environment gives a certain feeling of well being and some favourable conditions for exchange ; Adam and Eve ; Original meadow ; Industrial animals


Environmental awareness

Project Tools: Purification pools / Canal / Landscaping / Rapid growing vegetation / Embankment
It is a question of occupying the site, which is an old waste disposal area. It is envisaged there are temporary occupations during the twenty-five years of decontamination and regeneration of the grounds ; On an environmental level we propose the convalescence of the site and the will to accelerate the process of ecological regeneration by the installation of pools of purification ; A manner of creating an ecosystem suitable for the site. The colonization by the water brings already, with the function of purification, a dependent vegetable colonization (plants macrophytes)


Appropriative projection and contemplation

Project Tools: Punctuation markins / Stockage for temporary structures / Structural frames
It is the tension between chaos and structure ; Measure ; unit ; Somebody who is unfolding a tubular tent and already imagines the framework that this habitat will offer to him ; In the same manner, we can offer executives supports of imagination in space ; There is something quite Japanese about this approach to Architecture (the temporality, the relation with the ground) ; The structure is almost immaterial, abstract and emphasises the sharp context ; It permits to measure and to tame ; Land art ; Form ; Folding screens